Downloadable Patient, Family, and Caregiver Hospice Information

Considering Hospice Care: A Discussion Guide for Families and Caregivers

Choosing hospice care gives you and your family control over how and where you are cared for near the end of life. You and your loved ones can make well-informed choices about care, whether that’s in the future or right now. That’s why VITAS Healthcare provides this free hospice discussion guide to help you all agree on plans that will work for you.

This comprehensive, user-friendly booklet helps families discuss or just think about hospice care.

Disease-Specific Hospice Information for Patients, Families, and Caregivers

At VITAS, we tailor our hospice care plans to meet the unique symptoms and social and emotional needs that can accompany each specific condition or illness.

Download information about how VITAS can help you or your loved one:

Is It Time to Call Hospice?

Is the patient still getting the medical help he or she needs? This brochure explains what to look for when it's time to focus on the patient rather than the disease.

The Hospice Medicare Benefit

Medicare, Medicad and Medi-Cal beneficiaries received hospice services at no cost. This brochure explains the basics.

Pain Management and Hospice Care

Pain is the number one symptom of seriously ill patients and the number-one priority for hospice services. This brochure explains how pain is managed.

Hospice vs. Palliative Care

What’s the difference between hospice and palliative care? Our guide will help you learn the difference between the two very important approaches to care.

Veterans Benefits Assistance

Military veterans have unique end-of-life needs; learn how hospice can help.

Advance Directives

Making healthcare decisions in advance is the best way to make death positive and meaningful for you and your loved ones. These 7 facts about advance directives can help you understand their importance.


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